a) The stepping Stone: Manav Zameen Foundation aims to work on a two-tier project line. The first in line is where our team of educationists and psychologists who are intending to work in collaboration with schools and colleges to improve the attention, concentration, creativity and productivity of the student community in West Bengal. The educational institutes and the teachers put in their best to the students, so we realized that a complementary psychology-based package, fostering the memory and brain would help the students to perform better with the education they receive from their institutions. We work for the overall mental development and wellbeing of the students so that they have a holistic progress and become more productive in their learning abilities. The knowledge development and learning of the school and college students is very closely linked to their mental comfort, memory care, keeping interest in studies, developing attention span and concentration in the teaching-learning process.

The major part of this project covers:

  • Psychometric assessments of the students
  • Memory easing & facilitation
  • Concentration enhancement
  • Fixing up attention deficiency
  • Career-graph (for seni0r classes only)
  • IQ test
  • EQ test
  • Solution focused thinking
  • Coping strategies
  • Crisis management

There are much more in the basket which are designed as per the results of the psychometric assessments of the students.

b) The Greater view: The fast-changing world creates a need for coping mechanism for the adjustment with the changes in social institutions, relationships and overall world order. In India the period of transition is characterized by conflicts and confusions among traditional beliefs and modern needs. A large number of Indian population suffers from mental disorder like depression and anxiety. At the same time a significant young and adolescent population are prey to examination phobia, slow learning process, depression, suicidal tendencies, substance abuses. Thus, it is almost clear that though the mental issues are on the rise, adequate infrastructural, technical or educational facilities not being available. We work as Educationists and Psychologists and thus could sense this vacuum in and around our society – both immediate and remote.

Being alarmed with this need of the hour and concerned about our role to address the same we have planned the greater goal of the Foundation. A mental wellbeing and happiness project of Psycomm Education integrating the 3 isolated space- Mental Health Testing, Research and solution for all and an all comprehensive school for the special children. It proposes to be an umbrella institute to include Research, training, diagnosis, therapy, schooling, grooming, life skill development, support system generation and guidance for rehabilitation.

 The greater goal of the foundation aims to create these wings of the Foundation

  • Research and Testing Clinic
  • School for Children with special needs
  • Alternative education for school going special children and young adults
  • Creative Therapy- Art Therapy, Dance Movement Therapy, Music Therapy, Storytelling therapy
  • Support system for learning disabilities children (slow learners)
  • Teachers’ Training Program for teachers focusing in Special Education
  • Wellness Programs for Adults including working professionals
  • Creating micro entrepreneurs through Relationship build – up Program